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It's is a single-point solution to measure, track, manage and market your industrial textile leftovers efficiently according to the best practices of material circulation globally. Dead stock fabrics, roll ends, cut panels, cutting scraps, excess yarns, you name it.

Our goal is to help you make your leftovers visible and accessible online with least time and effort spent, integrated in your processes and system seamlessly. Even more, we aim at helping you to gather accurate information of the input-output ratio of resources used in each purchase order in your (or your affiliate) factory.

We help you to offer (yourself or through a network of partners) remanufacturing and recycling services to your key buyers, help to close the loop, take calculated steps towards 100% circularity and thus reduce the use of virgin fibres.

For those leftovers that can not be reused internally in your company or between your affiliates, we provide a public online marketplace externally to connect you with next buyers. We help you create higher value for the leftovers from better segregation of materials as well as one-to-one deals and transparency provided for the next users of your leftovers materials. 

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